Everybody be like 'How do you pronounce your name?'... I be like 'LUCY with a B'

Irish Summer
16 June 2014

We have been lucky enough to get some beautiful weather the past weeks and I couldn’t resist digging into my wardrobe for the most colourful outfit I could find!

A lot of people have been asking where I bought the skirt and I thought I would put together a small post about it. It was a huge bargain from Penneys and I think I got it for around €3 from a sale rack a few years ago. It was the only size left and luckily enough it was my size :). It is quite see-through but there is a little petticoat underneath. The slits on either side are definitely my favourite part of the skirt as they make it flow if there’s a light breeze. People were also interested about the earrings as they are so big!!! I bought them from River Island a few years. I am obsessed with big earrings!!!

Happy Shopping 🙂
Love, B

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