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Denim Shorts – Customised
29 January 2014

So, I was planning a photo shoot the past few weeks and I really wanted to customise my own pair of denim shorts for the shoot. I wanted the styling of the clothing to be edgy and this was the perfect time to include the shorts. The whole outfit was inspired by Beyonce in her music video for Flawless.  

Source: girlpower1.wordpress.com

The denim shorts were very simple to make and I have put together some steps to follow so you too can make a pair:

1. Cut the shorts to your desired length

2. Depending on where your are doing the customising: place an old hardcover book inbetween the legs of the shorts to provide steady support when you are pulling the threads and also to protect your skin from being scratched by safety pins. Some people may wish to use an old table and this would be suitable too.

3. Place the shorts on a hard surface, see above, use a safety pin to pull the threads until the denim tassels begin to appear.

Hope you have fun with it 🙂

Love, B

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