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Photo Edits
27 February 2014

I decided to try something new by editing one of my old photos and
adding new backgrounds to it. I chose the colours and patterns based
on the dress. I used photoshop and illustrator to create the patterns. I
think they add a fun element to the photo.

 This simple version definitely puts more emphasis to the dress as I have laid out the image to appear larger and just kept the colours solid without any patterns. Whenever I am designing or doing anything creative, I love to go crazy and then tone it down if needs be. I learned to work like that while I was studying Graphic Design in college. I always kept my designs simple but my lectures wanted me to try new things and if those things didn’t work then go back and simplify.

I will definitely be experimenting more on photo edits in future.

Happy editing 🙂

Love, B

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