Everybody be like 'How do you pronounce your name?'... I be like 'LUCY with a B'

All White
23 March 2014

I have previously spoken about my obsession with the USA based online boutique www.nastygal.com and this jumpsuit was my first ever purchase from them. I generally love to try on everything before I buy it, hence why I never shopped online for clothing until recently. I was very nervous about buying this jumpsuit as it was coming from so far away and I didn’t know if it would fit right but I just took the risk. It arrived within 4 days as I had chosen the express delivery. I was so excited to try it on and I can safely say the risk paid off!!! I did a few alterations to make it fit my shape a little bit better, but overall it was amazing quality and worth every penny!

This outfit is such a statement piece and people absolutely loved it. I wore it on a night out for my boyfriend’s birthday. 
*quick tip* Invest in good body tape to make sure there’s no danger of your boobs falling out.
Happy Shopping 🙂
Love, B

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