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Festival Fashion – 3 DIY Tips
23 June 2017

FESTIVAL SEASON is honestly one of my favourite times of the year! A lot of you guys who have been following me the past few years will know that I love a bit of DIY.

I got notions to make my first Halloween costume from scratch 3 years ago. This is when my true obsession for costumes began. I went as Bacon and Cabbage……why I here you ask….well it’s a traditional Irish dinner that my best friend’s mum used to make every Sunday when we visited the house. Let’s just say that it was one of those things that I looked forward to at the end of the week and it brought all our friends together. It’s a bit of an odd choice, but honestly it made me want to get even more creative with costume making.

The satisfaction that you get when you finally see the finished piece is insane! As you’ll see over the next few images I don’t hold back and I like to go cray cray (Crazy for those of you who may not know what that means)


Now that I’ve told you how I got started, we can get to the fun part. I’ve curated some top tips to help you create your own unique pieces. It’s all about having fun with costumes so don’t be afraid to go for it.


1. Add fringing to a simple jacket or kimono



2. Add feathers to accessories



Another great tip for feathers would be to buy the larger exaggerated size in various colours and glue them to your hat.

3. Add diamantes, pearls and badges for embellishment



This would also look amazing on an oversized ripped denim jacket.

I have only been to one festival in my entire life and that was Electric Picnic last year. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made because it gave me such a good outlook on the carefree spirit that everyone had. I cannot wait to go back this year!!!



Stay Fabulous!
Love B


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