Everybody be like 'How do you pronounce your name?'... I be like 'LUCY with a B'

25 February 2016


I am super excited to be collaborating with the amazing Swamp Fashion. I have been waiting a very long time for this opportunity as I wanted my website to be up and running before approaching the Swamp team.

I have been a massive fan of Swamp stores for ages!!! I remember a few years ago it was my go-to for all my denim jeans, especially the high-waisted styles. The way they have progressed over the years is incredible. They now offer some gorgeous pieces suitable for event-wear, which is what I will focusing on for the upcoming collaboration.

For all the ladies heading to a confirmation or wedding, I would highly suggest that you check out their website www.swampfashion.com or any of their stores. Alternatively, keep an eye out for a photo shoot in the Evening Echo that I have styled.

I will definitely keep you guys posted and let you know once the piece is published.

Stay Fabulous!!! 

Love, B

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